Is marijuana a drug or a medicine? This question still goes unanswered in many parts of the world, despite the elaborate evidence that marijuana is a genuine form of medicinal treatment when it comes to certain medical conditions.

What Is Cannabis And What Is Marijuana?

We can certainly agree that cannabis and marijuana, are one and the same thing. For a long time cannabis has in fact been used for its different medicinal purposes.

For example, oils which are used to cure people are also viewed as recreational drug. In fact, it is the levels of tetrahydrocannabinol or THC for short that provides psychoactive constituents. This is what produces psychoactive effects when consummated.

Marijuana Side Products

Cannabis plants also offer various extracts that are also used for various purposes. For example, there is hashish and hash oil which can also be extracted from cannabis. Using strictly botanic terms, the plant is known as cannabis; still, the word marijuana lingers on and ultimately prevails as the name for cannabis.

How Cannabis Became Marijuana

The word marijuana is not something that just came to be, in fact it comes from Mexican Spanish. From there is has spread to other Spanish-speakers, and slowly found its way into English. Of course, the expansion of English and cannabis has then subsequently brought the word to many other languages as well. In Spanish the word marijuana, originally comes from two words, well names actually, Maria and Juana. These of course being female names Mary and Jane. Still, marijuana is sometimes misspelled as marihuana and marihuana, as a result of the pronunciation of the word. In the Oxford English dictionary, the term marijuana is said to come from the word mallihuan, which in the Nahuatl language means ‘a prisoner’.

Marijuana Is Now A Medicine?

The question is whether marijuana is a drug or a medicine? The answer – not as easy.Cannabis is a plant, just like many other plants on planet earth it has definitely has certain properties which can be used in medicinal uses and for medicinal purposes.

The plant itself contains over 400 chemicals when grown in the nature and it includes penicillin-like antibiotic which is better known as cannabidiolic acid. Some of the benefits of marijuana when it is used in medicinal purposes are the following: it can improve appetite, it improves sense of taste in cancer patients, it improves symptoms of chronic neuropathic pain which results from injury to the nervous system.

Marijuana, can also improve symptoms of chronic pain especially after major surgeries. It can help alleviate the symptoms of multiple sclerosis which can be particularly painful, and protects people from osteoporosis. Cannabis can even stop the growth of prostate cancer as well as reestablish memory in Alzheimer’s patients.

Or in other words, there are numerous benefits of marijuana, and the effects of this plant should be used in medicine. This is why marijuana and cannabis should be decriminalized and used in medicinal purposes rather than considered to be a gateway drug.