The study of medicinal marijuana has come a long way since the 1960s when scientists like Professor Raphael Mechoulam were making groundbreaking discoveries about marijuana. The efforts of researchers are bearing fruits and every once in while we receive some good news on medical marijuana. It is now a popular topic in the media, online boards, magazines which is helping the course for the legalization of medical marijuana. In order to really get the whole picture on the legalization issue it is important to consider the benefits and negative effects of medical marijuana. The following are some of medical marijuana pros and cons.


The benefits of marijuana are many and some of them are indeed laughable but the following are some benefits which are at least backed by some type of research. They include:
  1. Ease epileptic seizures – studies have shown that the use of cannabidiol, a compound found in marijuana can help reduce the prevalence of seizures.
  2. Combat pain – this one of the benefits that many people associate with medical marijuana. Evidence suggests that medical marijuana can ease pain especially those suffering from chronic ailments.
  3. Decreases Dravet’s Syndrome effects – cannabidiol has also been documented to reduce the effects of Dravet’s Symptoms, a condition which is prevalent among children and is caused by prolonged seizures.
  4. Anxiety and depression – Many people with anxiety have praised medical marijuana for the reduction of their anxiety, panic attacks and depression.
  5. Lessen the progression of Alzheimer’s disease – a study carried out by Kim Janda revealed that there was a possibility to reduce development rate of Alzheimer’s disease by use of THC, a compound found in marijuana.
These are some of the benefits of medical marijuana which are backed by facts. There are many more out there which are anecdotal and the effects have not been extensively proven or vary from one person to the next.


The major negative effects associated with medical marijuana include:
  1. Uncertainty – there is an uncertainty regarding the use of medical marijuana since research towards it is still in its early stages. People against medical marijuana fear that there may be negative effects that are still to be discovered.
  2. Addiction – It has been established that the use of marijuana might lead to dependency.
Bearing all of this in mind, the question that still begs is, should medical marijuana be legalized? Everyone has an opinion on that but in the interest of more research it should be legalized while still putting measures of control. This also seems to be the narrative with more states in the US legalizing and countries such as Canada and Germany have already legalized medicinal marijuana.
It is mind boggling to imagine the discoveries we would have made if there were no strict government restrictions which hampered research on medical marijuana. In the US, cannabis is still categorized as Schedule 1 drug which is the same class as heroin and other toxic drugs. These restrictions hamper research which means that we may not get to discover the true potential of medical marijuana.
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