Marijuana is one of the most used drugs in the world. Marijuana is made from hemp plant, a part of this plant contains drug. It is green, brown or grey mixture made up of dried leaves, stems, seeds and flower of such plant. This was used in ancient times for medical purposes, for religious as well as spiritual purposes. But nowadays it is smoked with cigarettes and or smoking pipes which are called as Bongs. They are used for Medical purpose too like an Oil, Pill or Nasal spray. There are around 400 chemical present in the Plants of Marijuana and Hashish. Hashish is a brown powder mixture. When both are smoked together they give a sweet odour.

Though there are 4 states that have allowed legal use of Marijuana but in some states it is yet illegal and restrictive in law. Marijuana gives its effect in just 30 minutes of its use. Marijuana is also known as Cannabis or Ganja in Hindi.

Where Can You Get Recreational Marijuana?

Marijuana is the most common drugs used in the foreign cities especially by younger lads and adolescents. In few states of USA, the government had legalized selling of Marijuana for recreational purposes and medicinal uses. California is one such state where recreational marijuana is permitted to sale but with few conditions. They no longer ask for medical marijuana card unlike before. One can purchase the same if they are above the age of 21. The City has only been permitted to purchase marijuana for medical purposes and to grow plants at their homes. On the other hand one cannot smoke marijuana in public in any state. The federal law also announced that only one ounce of Marijuana can be consumed by the people and not more or else they can be liable for fine as well as punishment in prison. Also Driving and Smoking the same is prohibited under the law.

Marijuana can be used to brew tea and also is mixed into foods which are edible like brownies, pastries and cookies. The Vaporizers that we use also contain some amount of marijuana that is the reason has it has such strong smell when we inhale them.

The Marijuana Effect

Marijuana is not only harmful but toxic too for the body. Studies show that students who smoke marijuana suffer from prolong diseases like headaches, lack of concentration power, poorer educational outcomes etc. Any kind of drug makes a person addictive which leads to death or suicide. When a person becomes addictive he/she cannot control the urge of using it again and again due to which the end result is always a traumatic. Marijuana also leads to lower income, greater welfare dependence, criminal behavior and unsatisfying life.

People who consume large amount of this drug can suffer from acute psychosis such as hallucinations, delusions and a loss of sense. It is especially a strict no for women who is pregnant. It can be very harmful for both the mother and the child.

How to Take Marijuana across State Borders?

Well, this is quite a big question everybody wants to know about whether marijuana can be taken across borders or not. So there are only 4 states yet who have legalized recreational marijuana and have permitted to buy the same within their cities while other cities are yet to think about whether to legalize it or not. So people from other cities try to take marijuana pots from one city to another by way of transport. Well, we think it is not a big deal but it is. Taking Marijuana even for recreational purposes from one city to another even though both cities have judicially allowed using the same is still considered a crime by federal law and is punishable. The law has every right to prosecute and punish a person transporting marijuana across state borders and even for using the said drug any other way other than medical or recreational purpose.

Taking Cannabis or we say marijuana from one jurisdiction to another can also be dangerous and punishable under law. No use of any sort of transport is allowed whether it is by road or by air to take marijuana across state borders. Even if a person has marijuana in a car or vehicle it should be sealed and not open as this can lead to punishment in jail or fine or both.